New Dice !​

RedZone is the only football board game based on real plays
​So simple yet so complex

These RedZone charts are the next step up from Paydirt game
Of course you can play the basic Paydirt game with these charts

They were designed for solitaire & head to head

Defense & Offense solitaire for each team

Easy to play up and playing in 15 minutes

A game can be played in 45 minutes using all rules.

With RedZone there are no tricks to playing the game.
 Just sound football strategy. You call all the shots on offense and defense. 
Your ability to get the most out of your team-with solid game plan,
 tough defense and the breaks will determine if you win or lose.

RedZone is a pro football replay game. Color-coded team charts have been
prepared for each pro team using comprehensive statistics based on actual
season play.Each team's preformance has been analyzed in great detail by
using game film and computer programs, the results encoded in easy-to-use
Team Charts. The depth of analysis used in preparing the charts produces
a game which we are sure you will find unrivaled.

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Darrin Hunter